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          Febuxostat Tablets

Febuxostat-40mgCapsules10X10 Alu Alu

Febuxostat Tablets are used for the chronic management of hyperuricemia in patients with gout.


      • Hyperuricemia in gout.
      • Higher uric acid.
      • Arterial stiffening.



Febuxostat tablets are used to lower the uric acid level in the blood in people suffering from gout. Gout is a disease caused by high uric acid levels in the blood leading to crystal formation in the joints, most commonly joints of the lower limbs such as the big toe, heels, ankles and knees .Gout usually presents as acute attacks causing joint swelling and pain, but also can lead to chronic arthritis. While there is no cure for the disease, treatment can prevent recurrent gout attacks and improve its chronic form. Febuxostat helps in decreasing the symptoms of Gout including pain, swelling and stiffness in joints.

Since, febuxostat belongs to a class of drugs called as xanthine oxidase inhibitors. They decreases the uric acid by blocking the xanthine oxidase. Xanthine oxidase is further an enzyme that helps the body in making uric acid from xanthine. Higher levels of uric caid can cause gout in which the blood cannot dissolve all the urate and solid crystals form in and around the joints causing pain and inflammation.

Febuxostat is more effective than allopurinol that has the same function except that febuxostat has greater urate lowering efficacy than allopurinol. And also it outscores allopurinol in preventing further arterial stiffening and better option for the management of chronic hyperuricemia in gout, who are intolerance to allopurinol or for whom allopurinol is contra-indicated.
Some common side effects of Febuxostat may include nausea, joints pain, rash, inaccurate live function test results, gout flare-ups. If these effects are mild, they will disappear in a few days.

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