bovine colostrum capsules


Bovine Colostrum Capsules

Bovine Colostrum-465.5 mgCapsules3X10

Bovine Colostrum Capsulesenriched with immunoglobulins and growth factors that enhances immunity and resistant to diseases.


    • Degenerative diseases, Arthritis, OsteoArthritis.
    • Wound Healing/Surgical healing.
    • Recurrent allergic conditions like asthama.
    • Infectious Diarrhoea,Leaky gut syndrome.
    • Cancer,AIDS.


    Bovine Colostrum

    Esgimune are bovine colostrum capsules enriched with immunoglobulins and growth factors that enhances immunity and resistant to diseases.
    Bovine Colostrum has received worldwide attention as a dietary supplement and as an immunity boosting supplement in the past couple of decades.Ayurvedic physicians have been using colostrum as a measure to treat various diseases and to maintain good health and well being. It was only in 1950 when colostrum was used to treat Rheumatoid arthritis in USA. Of the many diseases and conditions for which colostrum can be used as a treatment measure, one is its application on open wounds.
    Colostrum is rich in many growth and repair factors which directly help in the healthy growth and generation of cells .They help in repair of tissues in various parts of the body like skin, muscles, bone as well as the cartilages. These growth and repair factors can directly help in the healing of open wounds of all kinds. A research conducted in 1983 showed that the growth factors present in bovine colostrum were found to be quite effective in the healing of wounds. The immune factors present in colostrum make it suitable for application topically on wounds. And by virtue of its anti viral and antibacterial properties, it can also be used orally.
    In many cases, the chronic wounds can take an eternity to heal. Colostrum can be quite effective in treatment of such wounds.

    Key Benefits of Bovine Esgimune capsules are:
    Powerful anti-inflammatory
    Proven anti-allergic
    Enhances the immune system to assist in tissue repair.
    Assist inhealing of epithelium,muscle nerve joint, GIT etc.


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